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#600 - Contact Sync Error

Closed Bug? created by hbar 2 years ago

My sync was working for 5 different users. Then it stopped and I am getting this error for all users.


2017-09-06 13:52:56,223 [20] INFO - - a5b6ca67-49fe-94e0-9da7-58c846b108eb - Synching module Contacts with error: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime. -    at System.DateTimeParse.ParseExact(String s, String format, DateTimeFormatInfo dtfi, DateTimeStyles style)
at ExchangeSynchronization.Service.Helpers.DateConverter.liQIna4GHZCIV6sWGMa(Object , Object , Object )
at ExchangeSynchronization.Service.Helpers.DateConverter.ConvertFromString(String dateTime)
at ExchangeSynchronization.Service.DataObjects.CRMEntry.oC44ZUeHnJBvTEvan3n(Object , Object )
at ExchangeSynchronization.Service.DataObjects.CRMEntry..ctor(INameValueList entry, IDateConverter dateConverter)
at ExchangeSynchronization.Service.Helpers.SynchFactory.GetCRMEntry(INameValueList entry)
at ExchangeSynchronization.Service.Helpers.SynchItemContainer.dG0TlP5evTmcYma38dV(Object , Object )
at ExchangeSynchronization.Service.Helpers.SynchItemContainer.AddCRMEntries(IListOfNameValueList entryList)
at ExchangeSynchronization.Service.SynchronizationManagers.UserDataSynchronizationManager.nLlAYr96NU0oCUEBTst(Object , Object )
at ExchangeSynchronization.Service.SynchronizationManagers.UserDataSynchronizationManager.AgyBJLlIP9(IExchangeServiceWrapper , FolderId , IUser )

How do I tell what database record is causing this error?

  1. diligent member avatar

    diligent Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago


    This stacktrace is about the module "Contacts", which could not sync one of the contacts from SuiteCRM to Exchange. The only datetime which is synced from a contact is the birthday. Please validate your data that this field is correctly filled. (A different format from the format set on the system could be also a problem)
    If you could not find it, please contact us, and a sweetersync expert will help you regarding this.

    Best Regards

    • hbartel member avatar


      2 years ago

      I am not using the birthday field so I set the birthday field to NULL for all contact records. I still have the error so it can't be the birthday field that is causing the problem.

      The problem was with one of the dates in the exchange_lastmodified_date_c column of the contacts_cstm table. I set all the dates in this column to NULL and the sync completed without an error.
      While this got the sync working again it also created a copy of every contact in outlook so now I have two contacts in outlook for every contact in the CRM.

      Why does one bad date cause the sync process to fail instead of logging an error on this one contact and syncing all the other contacts?

  2. diligent member avatar

    diligent Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Thank you for your feedback!
    You're right, we'll change the code to ignore wrong datetimes, and create a new release as soon as possible.

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