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#1167 - CRM Database User error

Closed Installation created by keithvo 2 years ago

In the Dashboard, at the bottom of the configuration page, I click on "Check user rights" and receive the error:

"Database user has not got all the required pivileges. Required privleges are: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE,DELETE...."

Not sure why this would relevant or accessible to SweeterSync? My domain MySQL database for SuiteCRM has a user set up with All Privileges? Could this by why I'm having problems sync'ing my data?

Thanks Keith

  1. diligent member avatar

    diligent Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Dear Keith,

    If your user has all privileges, it must be enough for syncing - of course. Maybe from the dashboard the information schema doesn't accessible. We will investigate this error message, thank you for reporting it.

    Thank you,
    diligent Team

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