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Server-side synchronization between SuiteCRM and Microsoft Exchange

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#2897 Add license - Hi How can i add a normal license in SweeterSync ? dmc Open Installation
#1970 The zip file is missing a manifest.php file. Cannot proceed. - Hi, when trying to upload the zip in Module Loader, I get the message "The zip file is missing prf Closed Installation
#1966 1. Some error occurred - when trying to connect to our CRM i get the following error : error occurred while connecting to CRM FibreCRM Open Installation
#1759 MSSQL Support - Greetings, We are running on a MS SQL Server. Can we use this plugin? If not, is there any pl callen Closed Installation
#1596 problem installation with sql server - Hi i'm having a big trouble installing with my sql server. here the log file: ~~~ Tue Nov 27 10:57 GianlucaSedoc Closed Installation
#1177 API Can Not Be Reached - I just upgraded to 7.10.5 and am now receiving an error that API can not be reached http://keithnels keithvo Closed Bug?
#1172 No exchange 2016 support - Pls. cancle order I've not seen that is not supported with Exchange 2016 thx robertlehner Closed Installation
#1167 CRM Database User error - In the Dashboard, at the bottom of the configuration page, I click on "Check user rights" keithvo Closed Installation
#1166 Not syncing properly - Hello, My connections are ok from the dashboard and the folders appear in outlook but my Opportun keithvo Closed Installation
#1007 Can Sweeter Sync be used for Custom modules? - Hi, Our system is configured with custom modules. In our case we have a recruitment module and t jonnie00 Closed General Question
#917 CRM Connection failed - Maybe anyone can help ? 1. Exchange Host: OK 2. 1. 1. Some error occured while connecting to C Closed Installation
#768 To install the SuiteCRM package you must log in to SuiteCRM as an administrator with database create-function and create-table rights. - Look at the subject. It seems unpossible to me to have a user with this combination of rights!? As t ralfoertner Closed Installation
#765 Login as an administrator database create-function and create table rights - Hello! Does the suitecrm admin have these rights? How can I make sure he has? Or else how can I ralfoertner Closed Installation
#752 Not Syncing - sir we install Sweeter Sync, and we are in trial mode actually Syncing (meetings, calls, task, em riyaz.developer Closed General Question
#600 Contact Sync Error - My sync was working for 5 different users. Then it stopped and I am getting this error for all user hbar Closed Bug?
#560 Contacts Stopped Updating - I installed SweeterSync and got it configured for syncing contacts to exchange. The first 1000 cont hbar Closed Bug?
#331 Error Syncing with Office365 - I am trying to setup sweetersync with office365 hosted exchange server but keep getting the followin diligent Closed Installation
#322 Install errror? - I seem to get an error that it's missing a license.lic file and I haven't gotten any emails except t earliv Closed Installation
#277 Not Syncing - Cant seem to get things to actually sync (no folders created in mailbox etc) The setup seems OK, i matthewrobinson Closed Installation
#221 Installation support - Hello, because we have trouble to install and configure the sweeterSync AddOn we wanted to know if TransWare AG Closed Installation
#220 Connection to Exchange Server - Hello, Current status of Exchange connection test fails with the following error: 1. Exchange Ho TransWare AG Closed Installation
#190 Trouble exchange connection - Hi, I have trouble with my exchange connection, I enter my exchange email address, and exchange p squestel Closed General Question
#73 installation problem - i have suitecrm version 7.6.3. after i follow the intructions an install the zip file via module loa jakobsemere1 Closed Installation
#42 Key provided doesn't work - The key provided doesn't work on suitecrm. Error message is: Failed: key does not exist. jblanco Closed Installation
#41 There is no msi installer file - Documentation says that I should have two files: the module and an msi with the service however, the jblanco Closed Installation