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Send SMS messages from SuiteCRM in one click, from any module. You can send mass SMS messages and log all replies as an inbound SMS message too. Create and send custom or template-based messages, plus send messages using a workflow.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4392 It does not support SuiteCRM 8.X - after checking with their support, they confirmed the plugin does not support SuiteCRM 8.1.2 nima0102 Open Feature
#4309 Sending Multiple Messages - In many cases a single message send action will trigger the same message to be send as many as 40 ti patrick1 Open Bug?
#4205 Installation failed - In the 'Ready to Install' section, after clicking 'Commit'... waiting a while, the process would die Open Installation
#4177 Outgoing SMS shows 'failed' status. - How do I verify that the installation was complete? During installation, the install page timed out randy2 Open Installation
#3822 sms providers - Am I able to use sms providers beyond Twilio, HTTP API and FlowRoute? bruce Open Installation
  • "GREAT Support! I was having a use case issue after installing the plugin, where in 'my' instance of SuiteCRM, I was not defining the country code for ..." - TobyMilroy

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