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#4255 - Cannot upload plugin

Closed Bug? created by tradewind 9 months ago

We're on SuiteCRM 8.0.3. I can choose the file but nothing happens when I click upload Please help!


  1. tradewind member avatar


    9 months ago

    I'm seeing the same behavior on SuiteCRM 7.12.5. Is this plugin no longer supported?

  2. fynsistech member avatar

    Fynsis Softlabs Provider

    9 months ago

    Hi @Tradewind,

    The plugin for live helper chat is working for all versions especially for 7.11 and above until 8.

    I tried to send email for free support but it bounced.

    Kindly connect me on skype : tech.nasir or email on for help.

  3. fynsistech member avatar

    Fynsis Softlabs Provider

    7 months ago

    Please revert to support the issue.

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