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#1746 - Cannot receive SMS

Closed Installation created by dindiface a year ago

Outgoing SMS works completely fine.
Scheduler is set up and bulk sms works too.

However incoming SMS doesn't.

I have a TwinML app in Twilio with no messaging end-point defined.

I am not sure if I should have a "programmable SMS" -> messaging service at Twilio or what I might be missing
Incoming message options at Twillio (as you know for sure :) ) : is

Messaging service (not sure if I need it and what settings)
TwiML app
Webhooks -> this would need an endpoint but none is listed in the installation document.

Thanks in advance

  1. dindiface member avatar


    a year ago

    Please set it to closed !

    It was a Twilio issue. Actually, not even a Twilio and a setup issue, just a bad SMS system issue. Nor my Costa Rican cell (2 different providers), nor Skype, nor a "send free SMS" service was able to get through.

    Finally I fould a service that was able to deliver the message and it appeared fine. Only took about 6 hours to trace it back to the error, but it wasn't your software's fault.

    Thank you

  2. CRMNinjas member avatar

    CRM Ninjas Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Thanks for following up! If you have any question, please followup with

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