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Powerful Process Automation software for SuiteCRM that will allow you and your employees to spend more time doing what they do best: 'Selling To and Servicing Your Customers' and less time trying to manage the day to day repetitive tasks associated with your customers journey.

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#2405 Can it create a new CRM user based on email validation? - PM seems pretty powerful, so I am wondering if it can create a CRM new user based on email validatio Ward Open General Question
#2395 How do I apply a new license Key - Due to some payment shenanigans I have a new license key for PM 4.5 How do I apply it? a) Do I nee atsakalis Closed Installation
#1560 Sending emails through the Process Manager the whole body is missing? - When I use the standard Workflow module in SuiteCRM to send emails based on email templates it sends haydenjones Closed General Question
#1382 runProcessManager is not runing - I followed the installation instructions, and it appear that the runProcessManager scheduler is not patrick1 Open General Question
#1278 Process Manager not Saving Task - Good Afternoon, I am using Process Manager 4.5 (July 5th 2018 Release) with SuiteCRM 7.10.7 a sstewart Open General Question
#1259 Database Error when installing Process Manager 4.5 (Unable to install) - Good Morning, I attempted to install Process Manager 4.5 on SuiteCRM 7.10.6 and it failed wit sstewart Closed Installation
#1003 Where is the User Guide? - I do not see a pdf og the user guide anywhere. Where is it? Grace Christian University Open General Question
#727 Creation of leads from emails - Hi Team, We would like to know does this addon creates leads from the emails like cases are creat bodhi.sharma Open General Question
#675 not able to select the field - hi support, appreciate if you could help on this issue, i am not able to select the field ( suppo christine Open Bug?
#337 Process Manager - See final response it is working now. When I made a process and want from a task based on a cond atsakalis Closed Bug?
#8 no sreen appears to could create a new process - when I click "create" button the creator window never open or give an error melsherbiny Closed Bug?