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#3794 - Sync Google Calendar and Sync Google Contacts schedulers are missing

Open Bug? created by MetrixLJ a year ago

Hi, we've just installed your Ninja package version 1.1 but we don't see both Sync Google schedulers as indicated in your documentation, even after Repair & Rebuild. We are on a vanilla instance of SuiteCRM but with Redian Pro theme installed.

Do we need to create both schedulers ? If so, what are the Job and Job URLs ?

This is a blocker for us - please advise as soon as possible.

Thanks, Louis

  1. CRMNinjas member avatar

    CRM Ninjas Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hi Louis! Yes you need to create a scheduler for both.

    Here are the Job URL • Sync Google Calendar (Ninja) • Synch Google Contacts (Ninja)

    Hope this helps, and please let me know if you need further assistance.

  2. ProMaster member avatar

    ProMaster Verified Purchase

    10 months ago

    We also have this issue, can you provide the Job URL?

    • CRMNinjas member avatar

      CRM Ninjas Provider Affiliate

      10 months ago


      I sent an email in response to your concern. Please check and let me know of the result

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