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#1151 - wrong header sent to user mentioned in comment

Open Bug? created by bob Verified Purchase 2 years ago

I have two user IDs to test with: bducharme and bducharme2. I log in as bducharme and add the following comment to an opportunity called Test Flag1,

@bducharme2 I am logged in as bducharme and sending this comment to bducharme2.

The mailbox for bducharme2 gets an email with a subject of "bducharme2 mention you on Test Flag1" . It should be telling bducharme2 that bducharme mention(ed) you, not that the account that got mentioned mentioned himself.

If I can fix this by editing the Social_Collabs/tpls/email_template.tpl file, let me know what to do.

Notifying users about which users commented about which other users seems like the most basic level of what we're paying for when we buy the CRM Social Collaboration Ninja, so I want this to work correctly.

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