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#2260 - Trying to identify new accounts and churn in the same rrtpo

Closed General Question created by thriveadmin Verified Purchase 10 months ago

Essentially, I am working with the Accounts and Quotes module, using the valid until (expiration) date as the decision point. I am trying to create a report that identifies only the accounts that have quotes in the previous month, but have never had a quote before then. Additionally, I want to identify the accounts that didn't have a quote in the previous month, but had a quote the month prior. So, if I never had a quote and now have one on 8/4, it would represent "New", but if I didn't have a quote in August, but had one in July, then it would represent "Churn". I tried looking through the docs and watching the videos and didn't see anything that quite got me to this point.

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    itsapiens Provider

    10 months ago


    Your requirements are quite complex especially since your wished outcome does not depend on simply individual records but a combination of several records or their absence.
    I have an idea of a way to achieve this- using Calculated fields. Calculated columns can be used in filters. You could define your Calculated field with some if-else statement blocks and assign numeric values representing ages of Quotes, then aggregating these custom "Quote age" values for each account could infer some information about the total state of the Account and it's quotes.
    It might be a somewhat round-about but for the very complex requirements it might work for you.

    There could also be some other options worth investigating but this seems most straightforward at the moment.

    This definitely is not a simple report and I would be happy to discuss this with you in further detail- please feel free to contact me

    Best wishes

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