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The WhatsApp Integration enables SuiteCRM users to get WhatsApp messages right in the CRM. Sales and support teams can save time and stay in the loop with customer communications right from the CRM.

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Doesn't work?

Check values in the first three fields of WhatsApp Twilio Configuration. They should be the same with values from your Twilio account.

If you still can't make it work, then please let us know by email or skype: - mailto; - skype: andrew.uymin

  1. jcmoreno8 member avatar


    a year ago

    Hello, I'm testing the plugin to integrate with SuiteCRM but I'm lost in the configuration, can you help me? I am contacting from the city of São Paulo - SP - Brazil the GMT here is -03: 00

    • Vedisoft member avatar

      Vedisoft Provider

      a year ago

      Hello, yes, we can help you with configuration. Please send e-mail to (or Skype +79826638861) with CRM and Twilio creditionals.

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