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Gmail Ninja seamlessly integrates your Gmail inbox, Calendar, Contacts and Email History into your SuiteCRM. Optimize your inbox with Gmail Ninja, a powerful solution to better Manage Sales, Improve Team Productivity, and Keep Communication all in One Place.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What version of SuiteCRM are currently supported? - This plug in supports all version of SuiteCRM. (SuiteCRM v7.11.20 and older)

2. How does the Contact Sync Work? - The sync works with the Google Contacts tool. To synchornize your contact into Suite CRM, please save your contacts into the Google Contacts managament tool in Gmail.

3. How to save your Contacts in Gmail? - Refer to this Google documentation:

4. How to Turn On/Off Less Secure App settings in Google? - Refer to this Google documentation:

5. What should I do if I'm getting the following error : There is no action by that name: authGoogle | 404 not found | Invalid package | No manifest found' - Make sure Permissions are properly set up by Admin.

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