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Enable SuiteCRM users to edit specific dropdown values without the help of an Admin user. Empower your users by allowing specific users, such as mid-level managers, to edit their own dropdowns without having to slow down progress waiting for an Admin's attention.

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User Guide

General Concepts

The Dropdown Editor allows non-admin SuiteCRM users to edit the values of dropdown fields. This helps save time by allowing regular users manage specific dropdown fields without having to take the time of an admin user to do so.

Assign Non-Admin User to a Dropdown

  • Find the "Dropdown Editor" module in the module menu and click the "New Dropdown Editor" action.
  • Fill in the name field to describe who/why you're giving access.
  • Select the Module and Field that you'd like to give access to. For example, if you wanted to give someone access to the Accounts Industry field, you would select "Accounts" as the module and "Industry" as the field.
  • Select the User you would like to give access to.
  • If you have "Assignment Notification" (SuiteCRM out-of-the-box features) enabled, the user will receive a notification that they now have access.

Edit a Dropdown as Non-Admin User

  • Find the "Dropdown Editor" module in the module menu and click the "My Dropdown list" action.
  • You'll see a list of all editable dropdowns. Select the dropdown you want to edit.
  • You'll be shown a list of all values and labels in the dropdown.
  • At the bottom you can add new items to the list.
  • You can also drag items to change their ordering.
  • After you're done editing, click "Save"

Mass Insert Dropdown values in a single step

  • Open the Dropdown your wanting to edit
  • Click the "Mass Insert" button at the towards the top of the page
  • Prepare a list of values in a single column in a text file or Excel spreadsheet - The Dropdown editor creates values from the column by removing illegal characters. If you're using Excel, you can copy and paste two columns representing value and label.
  • Paste the data in the textare
  • Click "Save"
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