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Sugar-Project is the new CRM Open Source Theme based on and compatible with SuiteCRM.
Sugar-Project offers a revolutionary new interface designed as a theme for SuiteCRM.
Various new features have been added, users will definitely love them!
Additional modules, new views: all Open Source and compatible with SuiteCRM.

Includes a 30 day guarantee
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    Verified Purchase 6:26 pm January 11th, 2019 | share link

    Great Theme and worth the investment.

    This theme doesn't just change a few colors but actually makes it easier to us your CRM just with the base version. With its added features in the pro version you also get the added features that are useful and not just fluff.

    I Really like the tabbed sub panel option, a simple solution which adds to the ease of use of this theme. No more long sub panel lists to scroll through our grouped tabs, just a simple tab per module.

    I like the ability to simply do a quick print of a module list view in a nice format and ability to adjust what is printed without having to build a separate report in the reports module.

    While you can get other Kanban standalone plugins the one built into this theme works for our team, Simply drag and drop and move your records to their a proper status.

    The quick edit list view is a nice feature and works a little smoother than the default feature.

    I can't comment on the Calendar as we have not used it but I can see how it would be helpful to easily see your list view items in the calendar.

    When you turn these features on you get additional icons in the list view header next to the module name.

    Great work and look forward to future enhancements.

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    Verified Purchase 3:13 pm September 4th, 2017 | share link

    This is a great theme with lots of additional features. The installation was easy and the Sugar-Project has been great to work with. Its clean, intuitive interface has made it easy for me to get staff buy-in on the switch over to a new system.

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    6:55 pm December 5th, 2018


    It's been almost a year since I bought your theme and I'm having big problems with it.
    Kanban, List, Print, search ...
    I was in contact with Alberto Pozzi to settle this.
    Silence for almost 5 months. Another email sent on November 30, 2018, without answers.
    All my remarks have been erased !!!
    And I can not log in to your site as a customer anymore.
    You will answer! And solve my problems?

    Bruno Bergeon
    Genius Solutions

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  • "Its clean, intuitive interface has made it easy for me to get staff buy-in on the switch over to a new system."

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