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#1007 - Can Sweeter Sync be used for Custom modules?

Closed General Question created by jonnie00 2 years ago


Our system is configured with custom modules. In our case we have a recruitment module and therefore we need to sync emails / calendar entries for candidates. Can this plugin be used for such custom modules?

Many thanks,

  1. diligent member avatar

    diligent Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago


    To be able to synchronize any record (eg. calendar items, emails etc.) with SweeterSync you need to have a user in the CRM. In your case you must have a user record for every candidates. Then you must setup the candidate's email settings, which is necessary for SweeterSync to be able to connect to the appropriate user's mailbox, calendar and other data.

    The custom recruitment module itself won't be synchronized by SweeterSync. The email and calendar item sync are based on the emails, meetings and calls module. To get some idea, how the sync works, please check these SweeterSync wiki pages:

    SweeterSync Team

  2. jonnie00 member avatar


    a year ago


    Thanks for your info here.

    So, we have a custom module in our suitecrm system called 'Candidates'. Candidates are not users, in effect they are contacts if anything but situated within their own custom module. Each candidate has an email address. The candidate records are not owned by a particular user but any user may communicate with them by email.

    In this scenario, would a user's inbound / outbound mail be synced to the candidate record?

    Many thanks,

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