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Track time and measure productivity against any and all modules in SuiteCRM, including support cases and project tasks. Built in start and stop timer, automatic email and screen pop reminders, PDF timesheet templates, advanced reporting and exporting features. Ideal for generating invoices for your clients.

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#1552 Does not install on SuiteCRM 7.10.10 using MSSQL - **Downloaded trial and attempted to install - Install failed:** Installing action_view_map exte dngreene Open Bug?
#1416 grideditview not available in SuiteCRM? - Hey, I want to record hours for project tasks (setup: project > project tasks), When I cre agreeske Open Feature
#1368 Start and End button for timetracking is not showing - I was able to successfully install the Timesheet Ninja for SuiteCRM. However the start & end but accounting Open Feature
#726 Timesheet Pro link not appearing. - Hi, We have purchased timesheet Ninja for suiteCRM trail version on yesterday and installed as per nsg Open Bug?
#511 Refund - Hi. I was told to seek a refund through the SuiteCRM store as Timesheet Ninja is not suitable and an jboland Closed General Question
#258 [Error] - Hi, I've installed a trial version. When i try to save a project, a blank page appears. There is nbrute Open Bug?
#257 Issue after activating - Hi, I have a big issue, right after I enter the licence key ( trial) for the plugin, I have this mes squestel Open Bug?
#246 Problems with day format and to show results - Hi! I'm trying TimeSheet Ninja. Date format is dd/mm/yyyy and it shows format mm/dd/yyyy, I can't mdferichola Open Bug?
#206 Issues with Timesheet Ninja - Dears, I am sorry to say that I have a lot of issues with the module. I installed the timeshee fleurial Open Bug?
#174 Calendar option for Timesheet Pro - Hi, I am testing Timesheets Pro edition. I am not able to select a calendar option when creating curastega Closed Bug?
#171 Modules do not show in modules list - New install of Timesheets pro. License validates ok. Module is not lisdted in any menu. Admin page s dah Closed Bug?
#85 Trial license does not work - Hello, License configuration tells that "Pls make sure that you have curl enabled", and samihonkaniemi Closed Installation