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Social Login for SuiteCRM reduces the end user’s tiring job to remember the password for their CRM. It also facilitates the admin to manage User Requests of new users. Moreover, admin can also choose whether to ‘Auto Approve’ or ‘Manual’ approve the new sign-up requests.

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#3729 - Plugin taking long time to redirect to CRM

Closed Bug? created by sagnihotri Verified Purchase 3 months ago


We have been facing some performance issue where when a user click on the login with google button and select its gmail account to login, the plugin takes long time to redirect the user to CRM.

Can this be fixed?

Shantanu Agnihotri

  1. Biztech member avatar

    AppJetty Provider Affiliate

    3 months ago

    Hello Dear,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    We appreciate your patience while we are evaluating your concern.

    We will soon update you over your email for the same.

    Hope this helps! Let us know in case of any concerns.

    Kind Regards,

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