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Sugar-Project is the new CRM Open Source Theme based on and compatible with SuiteCRM.
Sugar-Project offers a revolutionary new interface designed as a theme for SuiteCRM.
Various new features have been added, users will definitely love them!
Additional modules, new views: all Open Source and compatible with SuiteCRM.

Includes a 30 day guarantee
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Support Cases Author Status Type
#2064 Cancel - I would like to cancel and refund my purchase. Kanban is not working, overall quite buggy. kate Open Bug?
#2018 Arrow is out of place - The arrow on the left hand menu is out of place when heading is long ![arrowbug.png](https://stor tgarratt Open Bug?
#2015 List layout - Hi, Our contacts list have 17 columns and they layout is all over the place. I can send over a sc tgarratt Open Bug?
#1988 Kanban View Not working - Bugs - Hi, we bought yesterday your SuiteCRM theme and got it working. Unfortunately there are bugs. Th arminmair Open Bug?
#1959 Suitecrm 7.11 Version - hi, where the version to be installed to the suitecrm 7.11.4 will be finally available? Thanks, crmsdsdatamark Open Bug?
#1920 Query - Hi, I have purchased this template. Once installed: I cannot view all my phases for the kanban flow Open Bug?
#1851 failed install - Could not copy file cache/upgrades/temp/uQ6Go7/./jssource/src_files/include/javascript/quickCompose. randy Open Bug?
#1793 Does Work on latest release - This product that I just bough doesn't work on 7.11.2. It was state good for 7.9 and above. Pleas gmarchand Open Installation
#1786 Kanban not working on Opportunities - the Knaban shows up but always blank on opportunities, it works fine on the leads page, any insight? tony2 Open Bug?
#1702 Acounts -->view acounts don't show acounts - We have suitecrm Version 7.10.9 and sugar-project theme ver 8.571 installed. When we try to vie jarkkoovaska Closed Bug?
#1661 incomplete install - After installing the basic version a opted to get the upgrade. I uninstalled the basic version and t ghansen Closed Bug?
#1631 General problem - It's been almost a year since I bought your theme and I'm having big problems with it. Kanban, List, Genius Closed Bug?
#1624 Upgraded to 7.10.10 and have some issues. - After upgrading to to 7.10.10 and updating the Theme to the latest version I now have an issue where swatson Open Bug?
#1502 Errors after upgrading to 7.10.9 - After upgrading SuiteCRM from 7.10.7 to 7.10.9 I receive the following errors: ![2018-10-17_15-24 lrye Open Bug?
#1430 Cannot Create Left Hand Menu - I cannot create the left hand menu you show in the Demo. When you click on Account, you are present lrye Open Bug?
#1369 Basic and Professional Licences - Hi, what is the difference between the professional and Basic versions? I can't find info about this omatorres Open General Question
#1220 Logging in - Theres a logging in problem when switching from suite p to sugar-project.. The username does not ap mike5 Open Bug?
#1202 When is the next version coming? - When is the next version coming? The current versioin has too many issues to work with 7.-7.10 tcohen Open Bug?
#1119 Crashed theme - I'm using Suitecrm 7.9.4, i followed the installation instructions, the theme created a jumbled ui a dorian Open Installation
#815 Editing the column layout - Hi I have purchased your theme. However I cannot alter the columns as per instructions : http:// wesley Closed Bug?
#746 Studio not working in version 8.01 - Hi, I just bought and installed your Theme on SuiteCRM 7.9.7, but the Studio can't be launched. The fwtag Closed Bug?
#693 Is this project supported? - We can never get hold of the developer. This theme has so much potential but we are struggling to FibreCRM Closed General Question
  • "Its clean, intuitive interface has made it easy for me to get staff buy-in on the switch over to a new system."

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