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SugarPrint enables printing to PDF / XLS export of any: List view, Detail view and Calendar view in SuiteCRM Community Edition. SugarPrint makes exporting basic or advanced Search Results to PDF or Excel a one-click process.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3330 Fail Plugin DetailView and ListView - List view does not work, it does not apply filters. No button is displayed in detail view. Sui informatica2 Open Bug?
#2319 Also no buttons in Detailview - Hi, I bought and installed sugarPrint on suite 7.11.8. The report button on listview is available a jola Open Bug?
#2054 PDF button is not showing up in detail view - I am using Version 7.11.5 novitascg Open Bug?
#1273 suitecrm leads: field list not ok, column headers and data mismatch - SuiteCRM 7.8.18, SugarPrint 1.4 we want to export a lead list view to excel or pdf and made some de info51 Open Bug?
#1272 saving report definition fails - SuiteCRM 7.8.18, SugarPrint 1.4 I want wo save a report definition, but this doesn't work. I can no info51 Closed Bug?
#1267 Translations: are other languages available - We would be happy if this add on will be in german. info51 Open Feature
#1266 Using SugarPrint for cron jobs - can I use SugarPrint for reporting with cronjobs ? I want to use a listview with filtered leads to s info51 Open General Question
#1183 7.10/Suite P Buttons are missing - Attempted upgrade from 7.8.X to 7.10.5 and the SugarPrint buttons are missing from my Detail Views. cmultari Open Bug?
#1041 Export Excel Problematic on DetailView - hi, installed the version 1.4 on SuiteCrm Version 7.9.10, I've 2 problems: 1. Export excel very crmsdsdatamark Open Feature
#696 Alignment and missing fields - Running on the latest LTS version of suitecrm 7.8.7. EWS Open Bug?
#666 Get Excel Export direkt - Hello, I would like to export everytime the same settings. Is it possible to create a php file whic marco1 Open Feature
#642 Report XLS/PDF Exporting - When exporting PDF or EXCEL from a report, the result is a misformatted file. ![Schermata 2017-09 mininistefano Open Bug?
#561 SugarPrint doesn't work on leads - Hi, I just installed the version 1.1391 of SugarPrint, but the latter does not return any results o contact Open Bug?
#529 Exporting to Excel not working - Hi! We' ve purchased this extension and we have the following problem: When we select more fields in gustavonesa Open Bug?
#354 SugarPrint buttons - Running Suitecrm 7.8.3 Fresh install of SugarPrint and after clicking Report button the popup only dah Open Bug?
#339 I would like to try again to get this working - When I purchased this several months ago, shortly after my fields were not being captured properly i tmartin Open Installation
#245 Buttons don't show names - ![Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 22.42.00.png]( Andreas Lotz Open Bug?
#244 Change color of Buttons - Can the color of the buttons be changed, so that they would blend in better with my theme..? Andreas Lotz Open General Question
#199 Stuck at "work in progress" - Hi, Whatever the size of the Excel report I try to generate, the programs remain stuck (usually y9zze9ccmy0wbtwqe4 Open Bug?
#183 Alignment - I installed update and alignment of reports is off, some fields are not showing up even though they tmartin Open Bug?
#114 Hi, i've installed on SUITE CRM 7.7.6 and i cannot get buttons - Hi, i attach some screenshots: 1.- Created report on LIST of CLAIMS (RECLAMACIONES in SPANISH) ivan Open Bug?