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#1944 - Cases, Contacts and Meetings

Open Feature created by IceStar Media Ltd. Verified Purchase a year ago


I have just started the trial for this and successfully installed it and got it working.

One issue I have noticed is that when I created a new contact I entered the account name (there doesnt appear to be a search to relate contacts to accounts) and even thought he name was typed exactly the same it didnt auto relate the new contact to the account (although it did correctly create the account.

I also have a couple of suggestions:

There is no easy way/button to search for a contact/account and click said button to create a new email to them (preferably that will get auto related/archived)?

Can we have the ability to relate an email to a case please?

Any chance of meeting synchronisation?

  1. lvanderzande member avatar

    lvanderzande Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hi Mark,

    I will look into these suggestions!

    Currently working on account name search + relationship


    Lars van der Zande

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