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#1747 - Invalid Source / Destination Number or no messaging icon

Open Bug? created by dindiface a year ago

Issue 1
Some numbers (when clicked give the following popup error:
"Invalid Source / Destination Number !"
+44 XXXXXXXXXX - gives this error
+44 XXXX-XXXXXX - gives the error
+506 xxxxxxxx - doesn't
+506 xxxx xxxx - does (xxxx xxxx changed to xxxxxxxx made the issue go away)

What is causing this? Is there a way to turn this unwanted number checking off? (my "verified" twilio numbers are all in a +506 XXXX XXXX format, So it cannot be it.

Issue 2
Accounts and Employees don't have a messaging icon next to their names. Only "Contacts" .
Is this a feature or bug and is it possible to enable messaging for any phone number anywhere in the system?

Thank you in advance

  1. dindiface member avatar


    a year ago

    Any chance of getting help with this issue?


    • CRMNinjas member avatar

      CRM Ninjas Provider Affiliate

      a year ago

      Hi there,

      I apologize for the delay with getting back to you.

      For your first issue, we need to access your system in order to understand the numbers you are trying to send to and replicate the issue ourselves. We will need your credentials to log into your CRM. You can send us that info to

      Issue 2: We really don’t have messaging enabled for employees. We can do that but it’s not in the current version.

      Hope this helps, and I'll be looking forward to your e-mail with the credentials to further look into your first issue.

      • Seemah
    • dindiface member avatar


      a year ago

      Thanks. I will create an account for you and send you the details.

      As for the messaging: no, it is not just employees.
      When you click "contacts" then the icon shows.

      When you click on "accounts", no icon next to the phone numbers.

  2. dindiface member avatar


    a year ago


    OK, so down to one issue. The regex was too restrictive in the detailViewIcon.js.

    The remaining issue:

    It is not employee messaging I am missing. I am missing messaging on the Accounts list.
    E.g. clicking Sales -> accounts, I get a list of "accounts" with name, city, country, phone number.
    Other apps use this field for calling/messaging.
    Also if I click on and "Account" I am similarly missing the messaging icon.

    (in this case "Account" is not a "user", it is a business partner or lead).

    All our phone numbers for several thousand accounts are associated to "accounts".

    Your app only shows the messaging icon next to "Contacts" and if you work with leads, accounts might or might not have "contacts"

    Is it possible to enable the messaging for such "Accounts" ?

    Please advise

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