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#2611 I cannot get support for Customer Support Ninja? - I am trying to get support for the last 3 weeks without a response. Email, ticket update. So I have sandstone Open Bug?
#1864 License doesn't get saved + Other modules' titles broke - Hello, I have 2 issues: 1. the license key doesn't get saved. note: I had a different tes sandstone Open Bug?
#1767 SMS post: You do not have access to this area. - Hello, 1. When using a "Regular User" (user type in SuiteCRM) SMS conversations do no dindiface Open Installation
#1747 Invalid Source / Destination Number or no messaging icon - Issue 1 Some numbers (when clicked give the following popup error: "Invalid Source / Destinat dindiface Open Bug?
#1746 Cannot receive SMS - Hello, Outgoing SMS works completely fine. Scheduler is set up and bulk sms works too. However dindiface Closed Installation
#1245 Cant download module - when click on the download link for the module i get an error message please help emmanuel Open Installation