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Send emails to Accounts, Contacts, Leads or to related Opportunity records with ease with Quick2Email. Quick2Email sends straight from the listview or detailview. Just pick an email template and optionally attach a merged PDF template (with v3.0!) and send in just a few clicks of your mouse.

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#2924 Database error installing Quick2Email - I am trying to install Quick2Email on SuiteCRM and receiving the following error message when I do: graeme Open Installation
#2158 Custom Module Integrate - How can I contact you for a quote to integrate with a custom module? anthony-e2eperformance Open General Question
#1842 Admin, Finance, Primary account level fields - Is it possible to link the account level fields - Admin, Finance, Primary to existing data files we dcurry Open Installation
#1510 Destroys Email Templates Edit - After install all of the email templates load without an email editor. There is just pure HTML in th robdouglas Open Bug?
#767 Does this work with Quotes , Invoices Modules - Does this work with Quotes , Invoices Modules sravani.tedla Closed General Question
#745 Destroys Native Email Client - Quick2Email version 3.0.16 destroys the native SuiteCRM email compose on our system. When instal robdouglas Closed Bug?
#717 Add Additional Modules - Is there any way to add Quick2Email to an additional module, such as a custom module? robdouglas Closed Feature
#706 Quick2Email_List is not defined in console.. our client using this plugin it popup is not coming - Quick2Email_List is not defined error is coming at console and not opening email popup deeksha.shetty Open Bug?
#692 Emails dont send to account -Error: 1 email queued for sending - Batch Name: 2017-10-10 05:33:22 - Hi Team, we have installed trail package of Quick2Email on click of button at list view its not s bodhi.sharma Closed General Question
#222 Quick2Email not showing up - Hello, This may not be a bug, but I've sent roughly 200 emails out using the plugin today and now th mattmiers Closed Bug?
#28 Licence key does't validated - I am using suit CRM version 7.5.3 and using . Though i was able to in nikhilkumar Closed Installation
#27 Not able to import the zip into module loader - I am trying to import the zip file in suit CRM version 7.5.3. But getting a blank screen. I am able nikhilkumar Closed Installation