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Track billable hours on Projects, Project Tasks in SuiteCRM. Easily run reports to see who needs to be invoiced and who needs to be paid.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3147 Cannot create a timesheet - I cannot create a timesheet or edit a timesheet but I can create and edit the timesheet tracker. Lizzy Open Bug?
#2911 Plugin is not working properly, i would like to ask for a money back - We try several times to set up the plugin but is not working properly, i would like to request for a mcortez Open General Question
#2444 add hours to a timesheet - Hi guys! We just purchased and installed the timesheets and invoicing module and i'm having a hard t mariusagache Open General Question
#2126 Can't upload module files to suitecrm - Hi, I just purchased your module, but when I try to upload the files through the module uploader it jim3 Open Bug?
#1577 Single project- Single task - Multiple Users Assignment - Hello, We have one project in which 3 different task are there. For each task, multiple users Maharshi Closed Feature
#1408 Request for Refund - Hello Team, I have purchased the plugin and tried it. Unfortunately it does not full fill our req Maharshi Closed Bug?
#1395 Feature to sign off on hours - Is there a feature in place for superiors to review and sign off on a set of hours (e.g. a month)? jdickinson Open Feature
#973 RFC: Differentiate billable hours from non-billable hours on project tasks - This way, users can log all of their spent time on projects but the organisation can distinct billab Peter Open Feature
#972 RFC: Add a status or assignee to the TimeSheet editView - This way, when users are finished logging their hours, the record can be locked to prevent changes. Peter Open Feature
#541 Timesheet not installed correctly - Order #: 1992 Billed To: agray I've installed this on a brand new instance hosted by SalesAgil agray Open Installation
#368 Invoicing - Is the there a functionality to invoice clients based on line item. basically partial payments. If itsthebt Open General Question
#185 missing week - Hello, I cant create a time sheet for January 2nd - 8th, when clicking last week, this week isn't molly.naldrett Open Bug?
#179 Timesheet module error - Hi guys, last week coleague of mine - Petr Moroz has bought your module, but after installation e McNezmo Open Installation
#37 user have no access to timesheets - Hi there, Bought the product, downloaded the zip, installed the module, ran the quick repair. bertvancapelle Open Installation