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Visualize what stage your workflow is in by Opportunities, Projects, Project Tasks, Cases, and other modules, including custom modules, within SuiteCRM.

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#2751 Information shown on the front of the card + Custom Modules - I'm not sure if it's broken or I'm just missing something (because you have to request access the th lewisk Open Bug?
#2695 Wanting to add confirmation option to card move and add Auto refresh ability to Kanban View - We are wanting to add a "are you sure" confirmation to the card move to prevent accidental netops Open General Question
#2517 Kanban of Opportunities does not update the Probability field. - The Kanban of module Opportunities, configured with 'sales_stage' as columns, should update the fiel Specialvideo Open Bug?
#2514 Not showing which of "My Filter" is selected - The selected "My Filter" should be shown with a flag, like in the standard List View. See Specialvideo Open Bug?
#2510 Kanban view with DYNAMIC DROPDOWN - We have just started to use kanban. We can see that we can configure fields which are configure jimish Open Bug?
#2452 customize - Hi I'm trying the add-on and really interested to buy it. I don't understand if it's possible to cu claudiobenedetto Open Feature
#2417 Kanban as a default - Hi, Is it possible to turn kanban view as a default view when click in opportunities? Regards, adriano Open General Question
#2224 You have billed me twice.. please refund the amount - You have billed me twice on the account. I have been using only one.. nivethsuresh Closed Feature
#2057 Not possible to create and to use - It is not possible to use it. In the admin area itis not possible to create new canban boards and i admin19 Open Bug?
#2051 not working for custom fields - i have already purchased it but it seems like it dosent work for custom fields it work for only defu vivek1 Open Bug?
#1982 Kanban Ninja - cards not showing correctly - Hi Team, just installed the trial version. Unfortunately my cards aren't showing up correctly. The arminmair Open Bug?
#1896 Cards Not showing - Hi, I have been using this plugin for about 3 months. Everything was working fine. Any new module flow Open Bug?
#1610 Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/8uXHgn/include to include - Hi, When I try to install KANBAN Ninja, I got an error message like below. Failed to copy cac freegear Open Installation
#1347 Not displaying any cards - Hello Just installed on SuiteCRM 7.10.7 Create a Kanban for Accounts and the kanban is there but InfinityInternational Open Bug?
#1336 Custom modules - Hi Does this work with any custom modules? After purchase can I add the Kanban view to any module t Open Feature
#1178 Not working? - Hi, I have SuiteCRM Version 7.10.2, module upload went through without a glitch and I have a KanBan robertpreskar Open Bug?
#1171 Non complete Install suspected - Hi* I somehow cant get KANBAN view to start. I can configure in admin mode, but I dont see the m office1 Open Installation