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The QuickBooks Online integration with SuiteCRM will sync Customer, Item, and Invoice data from QuickBooks Online to the Contact, Product and Invoice modules of SuiteCRM. Syncing is unidirectional from QuickBooks Online to SuiteCRM.

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#3669 - Quickbooks won't conect

Closed Installation created by capeler1 Verified Purchase a year ago

Followed you instructions very closely and I'm getting the following error when I try to connect Quickbooks:

View error details (for Developers) The redirect_uri query parameter value is invalid. Make sure it is listed in the Redirect URIs section on your app's keys tab and matches it exactly. Click here to learn more about the redirect_uri query parameter.

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    GrowMore Technologies Provider

    a year ago


    In above url $crm_url should be same as your config.php file's site_url. Please check this and try again. If still same error then connect us on Skype.

    Skype -

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