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#2004 - Cannot validate license

Open Bug? created by zmckenzie a year ago

I have been paying for the monthly version for about 6 months now, and first installed 1.5.5. The validation process had no issue when first installed.

I noticed there was a new version, 1.6, so I downloaded and installed the module without incident. However, now when I go to access the module, it gives me the following message
ProjectGantt is no longer active

Please renew your subscription or check your license configuration.

I have gone to the license screen and copied and pasted the license multiple times, but it is not able to verify, and keeps failing.
It keeps giving the message

Failed: SugarOutfitters_API::call(): Unable to validate the license key. Please configure the firewall to allow requests to and make sure that SSL certs are up to date on the server.

I have verified my server can reach the address, but still no luck.

  1. CRMNinjas member avatar

    CRM Ninjas Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hi ,

    We are looking into this and I will reach out if we need more info regarding this issue.


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