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The Gantt Chart Ninja Module for SuiteCRM gives project managers the tool to easily create and update project plans just like you do in Microsoft Project, but right within SuiteCRM.

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#4595 task order issues - We are using version 1.7 of your module on SuiteCRM version 7.8.5. We have noticed that it is diffic franklinian Open Bug?
#4485 Subscription Expired error at our SuiteCRM, Payment info updated - still the same issue - Hi Team , We are receiving below error at our crm Error: Subscription has expired and payment RedPiranha Open Bug?
#4384 The Start and End Dates at Gantt view are different - Hi Team , We are using gantt ninja at projects module. We have added ProjectStartDate as 11/ RedPiranha Open Bug?
#4332 Print GANTT - Hi Quickly testing the module and it seems to be working as should :) Printing however.. I get a PLAN42 AB Open Bug?
#4186 is there a model feature ? - hi, i need the feature of model like in the suitecrm i have to create a model of project with gantt Amba Open Feature
#3711 Demo version - Hi, how can I connect you? I deducted money from you and I don't use your addon. Can you refund me? vakov98 Open Bug?
#3025 Task Duration changes on Save - After saving my tasks If exit and open again the duration gets changed. SB-Monteiro Open Bug?
#2882 coping all tasks when we duplicating any record in project task - Hi, The issue is - if you duplicate a project record, all tasks that are in CRM are getting copie pjyoti562 Open Bug?
#2802 Print not work's good - Hello when i want to print a gant the print not working good have you a solution ? i have only on Crysy Open Bug?
#2801 How can force the start date when You have a dependency task. - Hi How can force the start date when You have a dependency task. if the second task is after holl Crysy Open Bug?
#2668 In the Gantt Ninja module, all users appear there. This has to be restricted to only show employees. - Hello, I want to show only employees in the dropdown. Can anyone help Thanks Jyoti pjyoti562 Open General Question
#2529 Apply on Timesheet module - Hello, I want to create chart of timesheet like - when someone logs X hours of the project in the pjyoti562 Open General Question
#2415 Cannot save the GANTT: Displaying "Saving..." - Cannot save the GANTT using the button "Save" I tried to create a Ninja gantt starting froma an rgrava Closed Bug?
#2341 How to activate the installation with key - i have installed the addon in one of our test server and the installation goes well but i can not fi mohamednaguib Open Installation
#2024 Bugs - Hi, I installed the Add on but i can not longer delete any project or any task My email is crm@lal crm2 Open Bug?
#2004 Cannot validate license - I have been paying for the monthly version for about 6 months now, and first installed 1.5.5. The v zmckenzie Open Bug?
#1933 HTML-encoded characters - In the Project Tasks, the characters < > " ' are not shown correctly: see attached image with an ex Specialvideo Open Bug?
#1832 ProjectGantt is no longer active Please renew your subscription or check your license configuration and other bugs - After successful purchasing and installation, i can't access to the Gant Charts. I get this Error: " holgerkoch Open Installation
#1764 Error 500 after uninstall Gant Project - I test gnatt project Mobule, when i unistall it and go to create a project with model i have an 500 Crysy Open Bug?
#1735 Milestone flag is not saved (disappear after refresh page) - Dear Gantt Chart Ninja Staff, I have the latest Suite LTS v 7.8.25 and installed Gantt Chart Ninj Specialvideo Open Bug?
#1721 Update availabe? - Hello Team, is there an update available to the version fromn "15022017_GanttChartNinja_1.5.5_One frankrossbruch Open Installation
#1664 Print & Critical path - I tried the gantt chart ninja module almost two years ago and had the same issues and was really hop ghansen Open Bug?
#1435 A grouping in Gantt .. a new task in SuiteCRM .. Why? - Every task group is loaded into SuiteCRM as a new task. This is not correct since a grouping (in the WLLM Consultoria em Negocios Ltda Open Bug?
#1313 Does Not Allow Hours And Minutes - The application does not allow you to create a task that lasts for hours or minutes. It also does no WLLM Consultoria em Negocios Ltda Open Feature
#1163 No Project View - Hi, I have installed Gantt Chart Ninja - after running a repair and rebuild. There are no proj SiFerg Open Bug?
#1155 Ninja Gannt - Receive the following message after installing the trial: ProjectGantt is no longer active Ple SiFerg Open Installation
#971 Print truncates gantt chart - When printing the gantt chart the chart is truncated. Please see attached image. SuiteCRM Versio schendel Open Bug?
#791 "Gantt Ninja" vs "View Gantt" - Dear developers, I tried your online demo and found two indepent gantt charts (suite R theme): “Vi rsch Open General Question
#757 Gantt chart nija - i uploaded as per guide and when i click on license in admin panel it seems its not working in suite chaitanyapaneri Open Installation
#595 Cancel gantt chart ninja - Hi could you please cancel this - i never got it workign and i dont need it garrysneddon Open Installation
#122 Where to get started? - Hello dear Gantt Chart Ninja Developer, after installing the module I cannot locate it in my SuiteC frankrossbruch Open General Question
  • "A great enhancement to SuiteCRM's basic GANTT functionality. Great intuitive user interface. Easy to use and understand."

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