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Enable SuiteCRM users to edit specific dropdown values without the help of an Admin user. Empower your users by allowing specific users, such as mid-level managers, to edit their own dropdowns without having to slow down progress waiting for an Admin's attention.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#2230 Does the add-in not work for Multi-select fields? - I want to use the add-in to manage the options in a multi-select field. But I see no option to selec jaap Open General Question
#1422 Doesnt work - doesnt work when i click on new. mike6 Closed Bug?
#1418 plugin does not appear to be working - plugin does not appear to be working bsalouris Open Bug?
#987 Custom Fields in custom modules - I have installed the add-on and have completed a REPAIR. When I got to create a Dropdown Editor it peterjakob Closed Bug?
#312 None of these functions you describe work for me. - New install, I see the module, please advise. rickcarlson Closed Bug?
#311 I can't get anything to do what this software utility describes. - ummmmm rickcarlson Closed Bug?