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#490 - White/ Blank Page ON create and view Socail Collaboration module after succesfull installation

Open Bug? created by Mohammad 3 years ago

i have SuiteCRM 7.9.2 Version installed while i get an error as below ,I disabled Ajax for that module but didn't help me
Error: File [modules/Social_Collabs/metadata/editviewdefs.php] is missing. Unable to create because no corresponding HTML file was found.
Please i need this module to be working Thanks..

  1. peterjakob member avatar

    peterjakob Verified Purchase

    3 years ago

    I get the very same issue - any resolution?

    • CRMNinjas member avatar

      CRM Ninjas Provider Affiliate

      3 years ago

      Please email us your credentials st Did you try a repair and rebuild? As well as repair in the roles?

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