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#3590 of a parent module in the social network - Hello, I would like to add the id of the parent request in each comment. My goal is to trigger a Commune de Vincennes Open Installation
#3299 Can no longer post collaboration messages after SuiteCRM 7.10.29 upgrade. - Posting of collaboration messages no longer works after SuiteCRM 7.10.29 upgrade. Issue is observed R&D Tax Solutions Open Bug?
#3005 Message after add License Key - Module Accounts:: Social Collaboration Ninja is no longer active. Please renew your subscripti Open Bug?
#2471 There is no action by that name: - Hi I have nothing on the page /index.php?module=Social_Collabs&action=index&parentTab=All gulin Open Bug?
#2376 Can't attached file/image - Just added this plugin. When I try to add even a tiny file or image it just spins. leah1 Open Bug?
#2150 multiple profile - Hi is it possible to connect for each user 2 or more linkedin profiles? or 2 or more users can w igncus Open General Question
#2040 Many bug after installation, most annoyed bug: can not reply to comment by another user. - just purchased the trial Social Collaboration Ninja in SuiteCRM Store. But after installation, it henry Open Bug?
#1708 Time calculation does not work - All time calculations below comments show as '0 Seconds ago' which is not correct. This is happening R&D Tax Solutions Open Bug?
#1329 How can I get a 30 day Free Trial? (I don't want to pay up front the $300) - Hi Guys, I'm really interested in trying your plugin, but I don't have the money in this moment t bencesziklay1985 Open General Question
#1151 wrong header sent to user mentioned in comment - I have two user IDs to test with: bducharme and bducharme2. I log in as bducharme and add the follow bob Open Bug?
#1125 Module Is not working - Dear CRM Experts NY, I bought the module , right now and installed it to Suitecrm version 7.8.2 w mfawzi Open Bug?
#1122 Social Ninja broke SuiteCRM import - I am using Version 7.9.8 of SuiteCRM (Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)). Since I installed Social bob Open Bug?
#1118 configure emails that go out? - Is it possible to configure the emails that get sent by Social Ninja? For example, the username is a bob Open Feature
#1098 settings not appearing in admin section - I can not see settings in my admin section for social collaboration ninja plugin however it shows me riyazg Open Bug?
#1097 Reply to a comment does not work in Suite 7 theme. - In Suite CRM 7.8.18, Module Social Collaboration Ninja. When someone is rtrying to use the reply to R&D Tax Solutions Open Bug?
#1050 Ajax interface incompatibility w/ 7.10.2 - We cannot add comments when AJAX is enabled for the module. The "Comment Here" field can b benjamin.long Open Bug?
#1049 Email on Comments - I have our Social Collabs all setup and working but it does not seem to be sending email when a pers peterjakob Open Bug?
#906 Social Colab on Home Page - Is there any way to add a 'dashlet' on the home page that shows the users comments and comments tagg benjamin.long Open General Question
#797 Edit Viiew - Is it possible to have this plugin be available in edit view? t Open Feature
#585 multiple lines text goes outside of the box - if you type a text with several lines, the text jumps out of the input box. you should remove the & aureh12 Open Bug?
#580 DB error on module name select - in function action_GetRecord() $query = "SELECT id, $field_name AS name FROM $table WHERE de aureh12 Open Bug?
#579 no email fo mentioned user when attachment - if i add a comment and mention another user with @ and add an attachement photo , he will not receiv aureh12 Open Bug?
#578 In notification, the name of the author is always the name of the system email - In the emails sent after a comment is added, it is always the same name: "Contact mention yo aureh12 Open Bug?
#571 Suggestion: followers - I think your module would be even better if you could manage subscription/follower like in Odoo. F aureh12 Open Feature
#568 Reply does not work - When I click on Reply, it display the form, but error appear in the console: Uncaught ReferenceEr aureh12 Open Bug?
#490 White/ Blank Page ON create and view Socail Collaboration module after succesfull installation - i have SuiteCRM 7.9.2 Version installed while i get an error as below ,I disabled Ajax for that modu Mohammad Open Bug?
#429 On and Off for modules - Great plugin! Is it possible to select the modules this does/doesn't appear on? Thanks again t Open General Question
#423 Charged twice (different amounts) - Hello, I had an active trial of Social Collaboration Ninja which I decided to purchase. I placed Noah Open Installation
#419 Cannot comment and error on console with version2 - I have now loaded the V2 Cannot leave comments and errors on console script.js?v=C-7MxxjaC11ugX t Open Bug?
#411 Notification Email - Incorrect notification - Hi There I have been testing your plugin and have noticed For example I am user 'admin' I t Open Bug?
#366 Module Support for Collaboration - What modules are supported for collaboration? Can it be used on custom modules? Thanks, Peter peterjakob Open General Question
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