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#2831 - Is it possible to filter by related module for multiple values?

Open General Question created by AIE 2 months ago

Hi. We would like to know if it is possible for a related module to filter by various options, instead of just one selection - similar to what we can do with a drop-down list allowing selection of multiple values?. Here is a scenario:

We would like to filter by Product Name (related product module) by selecting a few specific products to filter by, instead of just one specific filter. It seems currently the filed only allows one text value to be entered. Is there any functionality that would allow us to use this related module similar to how we filter values from a drop-down list? Or if there isn't a specific feature for this, should we use the "OR" between the different product names to build a list individually?


  1. itsapiens member avatar

    itsapiens Provider

    2 months ago


    Thank you for contacting us! Picklist items like 'Sales Stage' can be selected as you identified. Text fields wouldn't appear like picklists in filter, you need to write them manually.
    You can add those by using "or" criteria between filters of Product name (please ensure to use green "+" for adding new filter and not the "Add Group" in order to add several "or" for product names. Please see sample below (assuming that "Account Name" is same as "Product Name":

    Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 18.26.36.png

    Let us know if you have any more questions or need any help!

    Best Regards,
    IT Sapiens Team

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