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#140 - Changing URL

Closed Installation created by raees 3 years ago


I have bought analytic reporting tool for "my_url/abc" and install it successfully. I disabled this module from "module loader" in admin section of crm.
Now we move our website to "my_url" and when I want to 'enable' this module, it show me errors. it also shows error when I reinstall it.
Any solution?

Thank you

  1. itsapiens member avatar

    itsapiens Provider

    3 years ago


    If you were using Dashlets it might be possible that the Home Page Dashlets are trying to pull resources with links to the old instance still pointing to "my_url/abc" instead of "my_url". If this is the case you can either edit the Dashlets and fix the URL by hand or you can delete the Dashlets anew.

    If this is not Dashlet related could you please let us know what the error messages are and during which actions you encountered them?

    Best wishes,
    IT Sapiens

  2. raees member avatar


    3 years ago

    when I try to enable module it show me the following error:
    Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/1PLQfO/license modules/AnalyticReporting

    when I try to uninstall module it show me the following error:
    uninstalling module: Uninstalling Bean : AnalyticReporting
    Rebuilding TableDictionary...
    Failed to copy upload/upgrades/module/AnalyticReporting_Basic_SuiteCRM-restore/custom/Extension/application/Ext/Include/AnalyticReportingBWC.php to custom/Extension/application/Ext/Include/AnalyticReportingBWC.php

  3. raees member avatar


    3 years ago

    the problem is solved. the problem was with permissions to different folders. e.g custom, include e.t.c.

  4. itsapiens member avatar

    itsapiens Provider

    3 years ago

    OK, thank you so much for the feedback!

    Best Regards,
    IT Sapiens Team

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