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IT Sapiens Analytic Reporting Tool helps you producing effective reports with charts in a fast and easy way. It is a SuiteCRM BI plug-in with powerful reporting capabilities, ease of use, elegant design, and a quick and easy setup. This Reporting Tool is for anyone, no need for technical knowledge or SQL. Comes with over a hundred prebuilt reports.

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#2483 I tried installing multiple times and it just fails - Installation fails. No error shown on the screen. Please provide support to install it. rajesh1 Closed Installation
#2433 Schedule Reports are not working (emails) - I've installed the trial versions however, since the first day we could send the report via email, f eherrera Open General Question
#2336 Problem with license activation - I tried to activate the license but I got the error "The user does not have access to this add- elabuelotanguero Open Bug?
#2328 Licensing question - Is a license required for all users that want to run the reports, or just for users that create and pmclachlan Open General Question
#2276 Issue with export to PDF more than 500 records - pdf export is not working, we are getting internal server error while exporting pdf, we have also ch Gcasaux Open Bug?
#2275 Issue pushing record from CRM - I´m having issues pulling PDF reports which appears to be blank after exporting them. Gcasaux Open Bug?
#2260 Trying to identify new accounts and churn in the same rrtpo - Essentially, I am working with the Accounts and Quotes module, using the valid until (expiration) da thriveadmin Open General Question
#2256 Difference between Pro and Basic plan - What is the difference between the PRO plan and the basic plan? In the documentation I find no diffe omatorres Open General Question
#2186 Report exports having a bad format since the latest update - After the latest update it seems that our report are not exported 100% healthy. Some of the numbers FIL Open Bug?
#2026 Activacion the license - no type of license works, never validates. I have installed it 5 times and it is impossible, the lic santiago Open Installation
#2022 Activacion the license - Install the application as the installation guide says. But I click on the validation button and n santiago Open Bug?
#1904 VALIDATION OF LICENSE - I installed the module, enabled it, but then when I tried to validate the license nothing happens, s cvargas Open Installation
#1869 Report news documents - Hi, i need a report for new documents can you explian me how i can creat this report ? Thank you Crysy Open General Question
#1868 Report not send cron ? - Hi all report not send in schedule... Can you help me please ? Crysy Crysy Open Bug?
#1860 Ability to turn of legends on Charts for Home Page - I wrote about two years ago about the inability to add our charts tot he homepage as the only thing stephen Open Bug?
#1800 Numbers in Charts and Report are not matching - Hello, So we realised that our Charts are not showing the corresponding nummbers from the report FIL Open Bug?
#1770 I delete affaire (opportunity) but i see this one in report ? - Hi , I delete affaire (opportunity) but i see this one in report ? but when i click on it i see er Crysy Closed Bug?
#1684 Issues during trial, Can't use if not addressed - In the list view of reports if I create many folders, they don't sort alphabetically. Dragging them micahyarborough Open Bug?
#1578 Report builder and rport tooll not active accessible in trial pls advise says "This site can’t be reached" - Report builder and rport tooll not active accessible in trial pls advise says "This site can&r george1 Closed Bug?
#1576 Cross-tabs - Would like to see how we can create a cross-tab report using this tool. customcreativellc Open General Question
#1426 schedule reports are not sending emails - Hi Support, Normally emails are working fine in our CRM , but schedule reports are Crysy Open Installation
#1363 User with assigned permissions can not access analytic reporting module - Hello again, let me say that your module is awesome I have made a very professional report with an e rodmontgt Open General Question
#1358 How to create a report with related records? - I'm trying to creato a report but only the main selected module show the records if I add a related rodmontgt Open General Question
#1353 Analytic Report Pro or Basic cannot be installed in suitecrm 7.10.7 - Hello there, I'm trying to install the trial of analytic reporting pro and basic versions, but eithe rodmontgt Closed Installation
#1346 Serial is not working - Hello, So you suggested me to buy the app again and the licence key will work, so I did so. By bencesziklay1985 Open General Question
#1344 Color of Graph bars to match the color of the labels - I have a report which shows a stacked bar report at the bottom. The color of the labels do not match stephen Open Bug?
#1286 Top N items in a group doesn't seem to work - Whenever I attempt to group by a column and use the Top N items I get no data back. If I leave it a stephen Open Bug?
#1282 Ability to edit and remove relationship from a saved report - Currently if I make a mistake and add a relationship to a report I need to delete the report and sta stephen Open Feature
#1182 License key will not validate - Hi I have just installed the module after it somehow removed itself and I input my license key bu nathanperritt1 Closed Installation
#1147 SLA - Can we do date subtract? for instance, i want to know the date the lead was entered into the system 1983rashmigupta Closed Feature
#1145 Reports do not work and Bad Data received - After setting up reports and starting to use them we noticed that they are rendering incorrectly. Be stephentew Open Bug?
#1126 The Reporting Tool Pro doesn't work - Hello! I installed your tool for 1 user, but I cannot add any report, nothing... I don't under bakay78 Closed Installation
#1048 AnalyticReporting is inactive - hi, I have paid the license, even after validating the license, the word "AnalyticReport is in Daniele Closed Installation
#1047 One to Many is not linking properly - I have two custom entities. Widgets WidgetStatistics Where Widget has many WidgetStatistics stephen Closed Bug?
#953 I bought the module for a user, but my installation is 8 users - Hello, I have bought a license since December and only now (february) will we start using it. My sur omatorres Closed General Question
#943 licence a part of my suitecrm users - Hi Support Team, is it possile to licence a part of my suitecrm users? e.g. 10 of 300 ? warme it5 Closed General Question
#808 Cancelation - How do i cancel. I only wanted this to test for 1 user who creates and views reports. cloudfonix Closed General Question
#777 Unable to validate the key - Pressing on "validate" returns to the same screen but doesn't activate the product. No err mllaferriere Closed Bug?
#689 Sample reports - Hi, I managed to install the plugin however I cant see an sample reports. bill Closed Bug?
#678 Trial Key Not Validating - Our team is considering the Analytic Reporting Tool for our SuiteCRM. Our Trial is for 1 License an DanJimeno Closed Installation
#659 Pro Features - What features does the Pro version have that the Basic version does not? Can you provide a comparis BlackSandPublishing Closed Feature
#652 Schedule Report not sending emails - Hi Support, Normally emails are working fine in our CRM , but schedule reports are jeffrayint Closed Bug?
#627 Number of users Error - Hi , We currently have installed the Analytical reporting for Trial purpose. The idea is to use this jeffrayint Closed Installation
#547 Chart which includes 5 different modules? - Hello, Could I create a chart which contains five different modules. For example, I want to creat raees Closed Feature
#518 Question about licensing - We have 3 users that build and use reports in our CRM. My question is, if I purchase your product d cwonsey Closed General Question
#510 Unable to validate license key - analytic report - Dear Team, Yesterday i have purchased 1 license of analytics Report to test the feature and funct anuragchoube Closed Installation
#456 Chart not added to Dashboard - Hello, After upgradation of suitecrm, I am trying to add the chart to my suitecrm's homepage / da raees Closed Bug?
#301 Installed, but key not validating - Hello, Can install the module, but the 30 day trial key is not validating. davidcatherall Closed Installation
#215 exporting charts - Hi, I'm looking at CRM reporting options and wondering if your solution allows a download of char sophie.peacock Closed General Question
#129 error: key do not exist - Good afternoon, I bought a module of analytic eporting tool and when I register the key it leaves th jtapias Closed General Question
#107 Difference between Pro and base? - Is the pro version got all the base version feature? GontranHarvey Closed General Question
#81 Pricing for 1 user only - Hi, I purchased this add on. I have 10 users, but no one but me uses the reports. Is there a way t CRM Ninjas Closed General Question