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Recover deleted data from CRM with Trash Bin for SuiteCRM. It restores data from different modules that you or your users have deleted. SuiteCRM Trash Bin stores all types of deleted records from your CRM. If you ever need to retrive deleted data, you can do so easily from the Trash Bin.

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Release Notes

[Version 1.0] : September 10, 2018

Trash Bin for SuiteCRM is Released.

  1. Ward member avatar


    2 years ago

    Very impressed with this addon, an elegant design and I did not expect it to be as full featured as it is and it installed flawlessly. The lack of install instructions did not impress me though . This should help others:

    Also, like most addons, you must perform a Quick Repair/Rebuild as soon as it is done installing so the admin section shows up properly to enter your license key, then again after every change to any modules (as instructed on screen in the app).

    FYI - for any module selected, on the the Detail View page, it adds a new Tab (Trash Bin Information) and two new fields: reason_deleted_c and reason_restored_c. It does not add them on the Edit page, even if synced w/ detail view page. Makes sense to be r/o mode.

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