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Server-side synchronization between SuiteCRM and Microsoft Exchange

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Q: On which platforms can SuiteCRM and SweeterSync run?
A: SweeterSync is, contrary to other synchronization services, compatible with any platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, etc.). SweeterSync consumes the SOAP/REST API and can therefore run on any platform, while a Windows machine is needed to run the service on. SweeterSync also communicates with SuiteCRM using the SOAP API.

Q: Does the windows machine have to be the exchange server or can a windows computer in-between be used to communicate with the CRM and the Exchange Server on different platforms?
A: IT can be any machine. It is necessary that the SweeterSync service can communicate via HTTP(S) with SuiteCRM AND via HTTP(S) with the Exchange webservice. More information can be found here:

Q: Not every user of our SuiteCRM-system needd a license for SweeterSync. Can I assign the explicit users and enable them to use SweeterSync?
A: Yes, this is possible. We sync the licensed users and you can assign the favored users in the backend of SuiteCRM.

Q: How secure is the communication between SweeterSync and SuiteCRM?
A: The communication type between SweeterSync and SuiteCRM or Exchange Server depends on the configuration. It is highly recommended to use a https connection (but of course a normal http connection can be used if necessary).

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