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Server-side synchronization between SuiteCRM and Microsoft Exchange

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SweeterSync is almost invisible, meaning, the user doesn’t have to manually shift information from Microsoft® Exchange to SuiteCRM. SweeterSync is, contrary to other synchronization services, compatible with any platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, etc.). Users work independently on any device and fast-time synchronization guarantees an effective workflow. User management is done in the administration panel of SuiteCRM.

diligent_SweeterSync_Product description

  • Synchronized contacts can easily be displayed on mobile screens and all Microsoft Outlook versions (2007 and above)
  • High security standards through impersonation
  • Multi-Tier-Permission-Settings
  • Upward and downward compatibility to CRM and Exchange by accessing the systems solely by approved APIs provided
  • Fast-time multiple user synchronization
  • Synchronize Email, Meetings and more to SuiteCRM using Drag'n'Drop:

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