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RT Calendly helps you crush time management by syncing your Calendly account with SuiteCRM so you can efficiently work off of a single, unified calendar.

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User Guide


  1. A SuiteCRM instance of a compatible version
  2. RT Calendly package and license key from Suite Store
  3. Cron job enabled on your SuiteCRM instance


  1. Go to the Module Loader from the Admin Panel.

install1.png install2.png

  1. Upload the package (downloaded from Sugar Outfitters) and Install it. You will have to Accept and Commit the License Agreement after clicking on Install in order to proceed.


  1. After the package uploading and proceeds to install accept the License Agreement and Commit.


  1. After installation, go to the Repair option from the Admin Panel and perform these steps: Quick Repair and Rebuild, Repair JS Files and Rebuild JS Grouping Files.

install5.png install6.png

  1. Afterwards Empty Cache and Hard Reload your browser (right click on the page, click inspect, then right click the reload button in the browser and the option will be there).

  2. Go to the user dropdown menu and select Calendly Configurations.


  1. Enter the license key from the SuiteStore and click Validate.


  1. You will now see the option for Calendly Credentials. To get the credentials, click on the i button next to the prompt, and follow the link.


  1. On the next page, read the information carefully, then fill out the form to register and authenticate your OAuth application.


In the OAuth redirect URL field, copy and paste the the following:

  1. Enter your credentials and click Save.
  2. You will be redirected to Calendly to Sign in to your account. You may not be redirected if you're already signed in to Calendly. A pop -up will appear with an affirmative message.

How to use RT Calendly

Sync Meetings

Once you have configured Calendly, go to the Meetings module in your SuiteCRM to see your calendly meetings, both past and scheduled.


The invitee's email address is used to link them to the corresponding CRM record. The invitee can be either a lead or a contact. If there is no existing CRM record matching the provided email address, a new contact is created.


Tracking Changes

  • If any meeting is rescheduled, a new meeting is created with the updated day/time in the Meetings module in SuiteCRM. The original meeting record is marked as cancelled.


  • If a meeting is cancelled, its status is changed to Cancelled on SuiteCRM.

  • By going to the detail view of a cancelled or rescheduled meeting, the reason for the change or cancellation can be seen in the reason field.


  • A notification will appear on SuiteCRM any time changes are made to a Calendly meeting.


Calendar Integration

Any meetings scheduled through Calendly are synced to your SuiteCRM calendar as well for added convenience. You can see any past or upcoming meeting from the Calendar module in SuiteCRM. Any meetings synced through Calendly cannot be edited in the CRM. The timing and other information is always consistent with what was stated on Calendly's appointment page.


Scheduling URL

The scheduling URL, which is the link to a user's Calendly schedule, and allows visitors to see the available slots for meetings, is also conveniently available in the Calendly Account module.

You can copy and share this URL with potential clients without having to leave SuiteCRM. From this link, they can choose a slot to schedule a meeting.

  1. Go to the user dropdown menu and select Calendly Configurations.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click on Calendly Account.




To remove the plugin, go to the Module Loader from the Admin Panel and click on the Uninstall option in front of the RT Calendly package. You will have the option to remove/do not remove tables from the database. Click Commit to start the uninstallation.

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