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Powerful Process Automation software for SuiteCRM that will allow you and your employees to spend more time doing what they do best: 'Selling To and Servicing Your Customers' and less time trying to manage the day to day repetitive tasks associated with your customers journey.

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Drag and Drop Wizard Builder

Process Manager Enterprise 3.0’s (PM ENT 3.0) new wizard like process builder makes it easy for anybody to create simple or complex business processes for SuiteCRM. Context sensitive help coaches you along the way. Easily add new tasks to your existing processes. View the entire process in a single form. You won't need to dust off your Computer Engineering degree to build a workflow.

Query any data any time and act on that data

Process Manager 3.0 allows you to get any data anytime using a recurring timer and act on that data. An example is to find all Tasks in which the due date is passed and the Task is not completed. Process Manager can send an email to the owner of this Task reminding them that it is past due.

Trigger Processes on the create or modification of any object in Sugar. Add unlimited filters to your processes. Include unlimited related filters. ie: Trigger a process on Opportunity modify where the related Account has certain attributes and related contacts have certain attributes

Update Records Automatically

Update fields on the object/record that triggered the process or any related records. ie: When a Case is modified , find all related Tasks and set the Tasks to ‘Completed’

Convert Leads Automatically

Automatically convert your leads to Contacts, Accounts and Sales Opportunities when the lead has been modified.

Flexible and Advanced Timing Options

The key to effective workflow is when an action or task is supposed to happen. Process Stages tell PM Enterprise when to do something. Each stage contains one or more Tasks. Stages can run immediately or queued up to run at a later date: the essence of Time Based Workflow.

Administration Console

PM Ent 3.0 includes a new Admin Console that will show all the objects that have had the process run against them. In addition to showing all objects that have had the process run against them, this new Admin Console also shows all objects that are sitting in the queue waiting to be run in the future. You can remove the object from the queue if you so choose.

Multiple Options for Process Actions and Tasks

PM Enterprise 3.0 knows what to do and when to do it. What you can do is quite extensive and limited only by your imagination!

  • Send Emails to Anybody: Process Manager Enterprise 2.0 has expanded email functionality allowing you to get the email address of any object related to the object that triggered the process.
  • Schedule Calls - Calls can be assigned to the owner of the process object, or any user of SuiteCRM. Escalate Calls if not completed by Due Date.
  • Create SuiteCRM Tasks -Tasks can be assigned to the owner of the process object, or any user of SuiteCRM. Escalate Tasks if not completed by Due Date
  • Modify Fields - Update Fields in either the process object or related object. Update all fields in related objects
  • Create New Records - New SuiteCRM objects, such as Opportunities, Cases, or even custom modules can be created as a process task. Multiple options for setting field values include using templates, setting by field, setting by value.
  • Run Custom PHP Scripts - Run your own custom PHP scripts that can do anything you need to have done in SuiteCRM.
  • Assign records to individuals or round robin to groups of users
  • Create Project Tasks - Automate Project Management in SuiteCRM by having PM Ent auto create Project Tasks when your Projects or created or modified.
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