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Powerful Process Automation software for SuiteCRM that will allow you and your employees to spend more time doing what they do best: 'Selling To and Servicing Your Customers' and less time trying to manage the day to day repetitive tasks associated with your customers journey.

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Process Manager Overview

Some of the key features of Process Manager Enterprise 2.5, Workflow for SuiteCRM are:

  • Updated user Interface
  • Support for Related Fields when sending Emails
  • Calling REST services.
  • Duplicate Processes
  • A new condition operator - When Field Value changes from a value to another
  • Append By Value and Append By Field when updating objects or related objects.
  • Create SuiteCRM Notifications for SuiteCRM 7

New Features Overview Process Manager Enterprise 2.5 from SierraCRM on Vimeo.

Manage Lead Conversion

When a Lead is converted in SuiteCRM the Notes attached to that Lead do not copy over automatically to the new Contact upon conversion. This tutorial of Process Manager Enterprise 2.5 workflow module for SuiteCRM, explains how you can setup a business process that migrates the Notes from the Lead to the new Contact. In addition to Notes, any related object can be moved along side the Notes during conversion.

SuiteCRM - Convert Lead- Transfer Lead Notes to New Contact from SierraCRM on Vimeo.

Service Level Agreement

Another great workflow tutorial for SuiteCRM. The power and simplicity of Process Manager Enterprise 2.5 is highlighted in this video where we show you how to setup a business process on the creation of a case where the priority is High and the related Account is Gold Account. The company is obligated to complete the support case in one hour. If not, then the case is escalated.

Case Service Level Agreements from SierraCRM on Vimeo.

Case Gets Closed: Automatically Close Tasks

Today's tutorial was created to show you how Process Manager can help you with Support Cases in SuiteCRM. Many companies want SuiteCRM to be able to automatically close all tasks related to a case when that case is closed. This video shows you how to do that with Process Manager Enterprise 2.5.

Update Related Tasks when a Case is Closed with Proccess Manager Enterprise 2.5 from SierraCRM on Vimeo.

Update Fields in Related Modules

This demonstration uses Process Manager Enterprise 2.5 to show how to setup a process that runs when an account's Assigned User ID is changed, then it immediately updates all related tasks to have the same Assigned User ID as the account. Process Manager Enterprise works with the latest versions of SuiteCRM including Community Editions.

Accounts Assigned to new User - Update Related Tasks and assign to this new User from SierraCRM on Vimeo.

Installing Process Manager Enterprise

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