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IT Sapiens Analytic Reporting Tool helps you produce effective reports with charts in a fast and easy way. It is a SuiteCRM BI add-on with powerful reporting capabilities, ease of use, elegant design, quick setup, and it comes with over one hundred prebuilt reports. This reporting tool is for anyone – no need for technical knowledge or SQL.

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How hard is it to install and set-up the Analytic Reporting Tool?

It is very simple:
- Ensure that you can upload at least 80 MB,
- Upload the zip file via SuiteCRM Module Loader.
- Give the necessary permissions to reports for non-admin users (can use mass-editing for permission setting for several selected reports at a time ).
Analytic Reporting Tool is ready for use.

How old are the data, summarized and shown in the reports of Analytic Reporting Tool?

All detailed and summarized data and charts in Analytic Reporting Tool are current - as of the time, when you open/refresh your report page.

How old are the data in the reports scheduled via e-mail?

Data in PDF and Excel are as of the time when e-mail is sent. For example if you schedule monthly report with last month filer, then every time when e-mail is sent, it will contain previous month's summary.
The link will open the report with current data every time, when you open it.

Can I add Charts to Home Dashlets?

Yes, in order to do that, open the report, and find the link "Add to Homepage" - it is located under the Chart. After clicking this link, the Chart is added to Home Dashlet.

How can I create a new report?

To create a new report, please select and open one of the existing Report Templates from the list (which contains the module data that you need). Then click the green "Save As" button. You can then identify the name and folder of your new report and modify your new report as you need.

Can custom modules be added to the report templates?

Yes, custom modules can be added to the report templates. You will find the instructions in your module zip archive "Install.txt" file, or you can use our support for help.

I am getting "Invalid Request" error during zip file upload via module loader

In the majority of cases this means that the file upload size is insufficient. At least 80MB should be allowed in WEB server and SuiteCRM configuration in order to upload the module. It is recommended to increase the limit beyond 80MB permanently. (If necessary you should also increase both upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in php.ini configuration, because max allowedupload size is limited by both of these settings).
The Web server has to be restarted after changing these settings.
PHP INI memory_limit = 256M (at least)

Is it possible for each user to only see their data?

Yes, for this you should select the filter ("Filters" tab) Assigned User or Created by='Current user'.

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