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SuiteCRM FreePBX Integration provides users with helpful features like click-to-call, call notification popup, call logs, call recordings, and more. It also supports plain compiled Asterisk, VICIdial, Elastix, and Wazo platforms.

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Get the convenient calling features you need integrated with your CRM

With the FreePBX Integration with SuiteCRM, you will benefit from helpful features like click-to-call, call notification popup, call logs, and call recordings right in your SuiteCRM system. On each individual inbound or outbound call, you will get the call notification popup with the number details in any screen of SuiteCRM. All calls made through the FreePBX server will gets logged into SuiteCRM and relate with appropriate records based on the phone number matched.

Supports any version of Asterisk, FreePBX, VICIdial, Elastix, Wazo

Key Features

  • Click-to-call from Accounts, Contacts and Leads modules
  • Call notification window for each calls on your extension
  • Call logs into SuiteCRM into separate Asterisk Integration module
  • Calls will relate with Accounts, Contacts, Leads using one call to many records relationship by matching the calling person's phone number
  • Calls will be auto assign to users by matching the extension number
  • Shortcuts to create new Contact, Account Or Lead in case of a number not found in SuiteCRM database
  • Shortcuts to create Case, Opportunity, Convert Lead, Meeting, Default call module record when number is found in SuiteCRM database, and it automatically relate with Contact, Account or Lead as well
  • Extension validation while click-to-call, of extension availability and registration
  • Call transfer and hang-up feature from call notification popup
  • Player to listen to call recording from SuiteCRM
  • Easy installation just like any other SuiteCRM modules using Module Loader
  • Easy configuration panel for SuiteCRM administrators
  • Easy configuration panel for SuiteCRM users
  • Works with any version of SuiteCRM
  • Works with multiple Asterisk server and single SuiteCRM (eg. multiple branches using different Asterisk servers and single SuiteCRM)

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Additional Advantages

  • Developed on NodeJS
  • Very lightweight
  • Extremely fast
  • No limitations due to asynchronous technology
  • No server resources usage for asterisk service running on the server
  • Very easy to configure
  • Works on Linux or Windows hosting servers
  • Works with popular databases like MySQL, MSSQL

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Advanced Features

  • Call popups will not be vanished on page reload, and stays in page until removed manually
  • User configuration to select SIP / PJSIP Protocol
  • User configuration to remove Call popup on Save Notes
  • User configuration to keep maximum count of popups
  • Supports SSL, Configuration panel to specify Key, Certificate, CA & Passphrase
  • Auto generation of System Daemon Script
  • Easily customized to any custom fields or custom module
  • When number found in multiple module and multiple records, then Call will be relate with all the records in which number has been matched
  • One to One User and Extension strict checking, to avoid system confusion

Click-to-Call from SuiteCRM

Click To Call From SuiteCRM

Call Notification Popup Window

Call Notification Popup Window

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  • "Amazing integration plugin, working 100% with my new freepbx 15. Initally faced issues, and support team is very quick responsive to help. Made the pl..." - fabio.bruscia

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