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    1:02 am December 12th, 2019 | share link

    It works on Project Tasks Module ( SuiteCRM Version 7.11.3 ) ?

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    Verified Purchase 9:59 am October 13th, 2017 | share link

    Hi Guys
    Great plugin that does what it says

    Sometimes we have ran into some bugs of comments not loading or uploads not saving but all have been resolved!

    Latest upgrade includes feature to hide the plugin from selected modules which is perfect for what we needed it for as it was confusing users on where to leave notes etc

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    11:26 am September 4th, 2017

    Repost my previously deleted review with additional comments:

    I purchased and installed on SuiteCRM 7.9.4.
    But after 2 days I found many bugs.
    I notified the publisher and posted a review same as this one to say that there was many bugs on 7.9.4
    I wrote some bugs in the review but found many more and wrote the bugs in the support area of this website.
    But then the publisher complained about my review, so I deleted it.
    Today I asked for news about the bugs fixing, and this is the reply I receive:

    ### Email received on 04/09/2017:
    From: Customer Service <>
    Sent: Monday, September 4, 2017 19:18
    To: Aurelien
    Subject: Re: Ninja Social Conversation - Can not reply

    No problem. This plug in works. We have over 10 people who use it. Perhaps there is an issue with 7.9.4 and we will fix it. However, we don't want customers who do t want to work with us and give us bad reviews. Good luck!

    On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 7:16 AM -0400, "Aurelien" wrote:

    I gave you a "bad" review because it doesn't work as expected. Then I deleted my review to save you some time.
    Now you write that you are not motivated to solve the problem.
    Ok. I will repost my review now, ask for refund and forward your email to SuiteCRM team.
    Best regards.

    On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 6:47 PM +0800, "Customer Service" <> wrote:

    We have 4 projects in front of this one. We are working on it. I do think it will be done by end of week. You gave us a bad review so we are no longer motivated to turn around your issues with priority. This will be fixed but it will have to wait.

    On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 4:26 AM -0400, "Aurelien" wrote:

    Hello sir,
    Any improvement ? Can I talk to the dev directly ?
    Ps: I removed my review until this is solved. thanks
    Best regards

    ### Original review:
    This is a very promising module that do what it is expected to.

    But on my SuiteCRM 7.9.4, I found several bugs:
    - can not reply to a comment, nothing happens when click on reply. Javascript error:
    - wrong name is used in the emails sent, it should be current user name
    - emails are not sent to mentionned users when there is an attachment

    Please solve the problem asap so we can use this module.


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    Verified Purchase 6:35 pm May 3rd, 2018

    It works, but once it's installed, SuiteCRM Import no long works. I filed a bug at on the 27th, they asked me to email them about it the following day, and in the 5 days since then, I have heard nothing.

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    Verified Purchase 7:30 am May 8th, 2018

    I Bought your Module “CRM Social Collaboration Ninja” on 30-04-2018 for Suitecrm 7.8.2 , After installation and Testing we are facing many issues.

    I contacted the Support and they asked me to send and email to Which i Did and since then no reply.

    I found this Bugs in the following functions: AND i Manage to solve all the
    1. Cannot use the social collaboration module if Ajax is active. “Console Error is :ReferenceError: submit_comment is not defined”
    2. Reply button don’t operate properly if the comment have an image attached to it. The error appears in console:“Uncaught ReferenceError: enableFileSelection is not defined”.
    3. Load more function don’t work it don’t load old comments made.
    4. When sending notification to mentioned users via email using the @someone, email subject and body content don’t have the correct name of the sender.

    But i Manage to solve all the Issues By My self.

    1. the Ajax issues Fix : Just go to the Suitecrm setting >> fix the Ajax settings and stop ajaxUI from the modules that you want to social collaboration to work.
    2. This issue need to be fix by adding and wrapping the $( document ).ready(function() {}); jquery function
    to $('.ua_reply_submit').click(function() {});
    inside "After_Retrieve_Method.tpl" Location in "modules\Social_Collabs\connectors\Comments\tpls".

    also for the ReferenceError: enableFileSelection just find the enableFileSelection(); function inside "After_Retrieve_Method.tpl" and comment it by like so by adding double slash before the function //enableFileSelection();

    3.This issue need to be fix by adding and wrapping the function $( document ).ready(function() {}); jquery to ua_comments_callback() {$('.ua_reply_submit').click(function() {});}


    Changing this
    $parent_id = $_REQUEST['parent_id']; to if (!empty($_REQUEST['parent_id'])) {$parent_id = $_REQUEST['parent_id'];} else {$parent_id = ' ';}
    $this->ss->display('modules/Social_Collabs/tpls/ViewGetComments.tpl?v='.time()); to $this->ss->display('modules/Social_Collabs/tpls/ViewGetComments.tpl')."?v=".time(); inside view.getcomments.php Location in : modules\Social_Collabs\views.

    4. This issues fix is to add inside "Social_Collabs.php" in public function Send_Mail_Notify($user_id, $record, $body_template = 'OWNER'){}
    the following "$current_user" in the globe as so:

    global $current_user, $app_list_strings, $sugar_config;


    add $current_id = $current_user->id; and change $user->retrieve($user_id); to $user->retrieve($current_id);

    Hope this helps every one facing the same issue I was Facing.

    Thank you

    Best Regards

    Mohammed Fawzi

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